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Introducing Michelle Clarke

Owner and Clinic Director of HIFU Clinics UK ®

In the industry for over 13 years and more than 5 of those also spent teaching, needless to say Michelle has all the accolades required to be considered as one of the market leaders when it comes to HIFU treatments.

In fact, most of her career has been based in electrical facials and non-surgical body contouring even prior to the introduction of HIFU 8 years ago. It was only natural for her to advance her portfolio with HIFU when she was already doing ultrasound facials day-in day-out.

“With the technology as it was back then, you have to go back and forth generally for a course of treatments every 4-6 weeks. With HIFU, you are looking at a one-off treatment in most cases so our clients are saving loads of time and money.”

Michelle carries on to explain the reason behind this is due to the depth and strength the treatment provides.

HIFU Treatments

HIFU or High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound treatments penetrates to the SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system) layer of your skin; where your connective tissue that connects all of your skin structure to your muscle; as a reference that’s as deep as a surgeon would cut during a facelift without a physical surgical procedure – there is nothing else technology wise in the market that penetrates as deep as HIFU.

Some clients may require an additional treatment if they suffer with severe laxity in their skin (skin laxity that occurs with age is mostly due to a breakdown of collagen networks, elastin fibers, and hyaluronic acid which results in the skin struggling to retain moisture) and this works particularly well with our skin booster treatment

To give our clients complete peace of mind, we schedule a 30-minute free consultation where we explain and educate on how the technology works, this will give them a comprehensive understanding of the procedure, the preparation and the aftercare required prior to a HIFU treatment, an allow them to make an informative decision on how best to proceed.

The Industry

There are a number of aesthetic establishments out there which offer a variety of treatments to cater for the likes of hydrafacials and fillers as an example, but may only do the odd HIFU treatment here and there. The difference with HIFU Clinics UK® is we specialise in HIFU.

The process for delivering a HIFU treatment is dangerous and can disfigure someone if not carried out by an expert; for anyone who is recently (or not) qualified, this procedure carries an element of risk such as burns, melting of the fat pads, blinding somebody or even nerve damage.

As a leading figure and a specialist of HIFU, HIFU Clinics UK ® often get calls regarding incidents when the practitioner cannot reach their own tutor so they reach out to us for help, unfortunately more often than not, the damage is already done at this stage.

Thankfully there are new changes in the industry being introduced by the government which has bought in restrictions for new licensing, more information can be found regarding The licensing of non-surgical cosmetic procedures in England on the government portal. We are entirely supportive of this change as it will reduce the amount of practitioners who are cutting corners and we encourage more training to the industry as client safety is paramount.


Client consultation is recommended and a requirement prior to any treatments with us, our free consultations are personalised and bespoke to the individual as not every treatment is right for the person requesting. We provide honest, professional feedback and tailor the experience to the client so they can achieve the best results.

We currently have clinics in Wakefield and Harrogate equipped with the latest HIFU technology has to offer so feel free to contact us and schedule in your free consultation.


If you have any questions at all, please leave a comment below or contact one of our practitioners.